Fast FBG interrogator

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IDIL Fibres Optiques offer a fast interrogator for FBG sensors in the 1060 nm range.

The interrogator includes an optical broad band source from 1040 nm to 1080 nm and a high resolution optical spectrometer.

The interrogator provides measurements with high absolute accuracy and is suitable for measuring low light level.

The FBG measurement unit is a real time operating system and can be used for industrial application such as temperature monitoring or strain control. The unit is available with one channel and allows the simultaneous interrogation of more than fifty sensors.

  • Low light level measurements
  • Source from 1040 nm to 1080 nm
  • High resolution & accuracy
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  • Temperature measurements
  • Strain measurements
  • Pressure monitoring
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Number of channels1
Number of FBG sensors> 50
Wavelength range1040 – 1080 nm
Resolution0.4 pm
Repeatability3 pm typic (5 max)
Measurement frequency250 Hz
Dynamic range33 dB
Optical connectorFC or other
Operating temperature-10 °C to 50 °C
Storage temperature-10°C to 70°C
Power consumptionVia USB 2.0 (2 ports)
Size (L X W X D)260 X 270 X 110 mm³

The unit is controlled by a PC using specific software. The interrogator is ideally suited for civil engineering, pipeline applications where high accuracy strain, pressure and temperature measurements and portability are required.

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