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IDIL Fibres Optiques provides and assemblies a series of fiber optic connectors with specialty fibers.

All standard connectors (SC, FC, ST, SMA, E2000, MU) are available. Those connectors can be put on patchords, pigtails or components with single-mode, multi-mode, polarization maintaining or micro-structured fibers.

The company also realizes fiber optic connectors testing. IDIL fibres Optiques proposes specific and high quality customized solutions. Do not hesitate to contact the company.

A wide range of coating materials, with different dimensions (900 µm, 3 mm…) and cladding (stainless steel, PVC, coated fiberglass…) is available. Optical fibers are supplied with special coating materials (aluminium, polyimide, gold,…) when they are intended to be used in a hard or specific environment.

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