In situ transmissive pH sensors

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The new transmissive pH Probes

It use a proprietary sol-gel formulation infused with a colorimetric pH indicator dye. This material is coated onto our exclusive patches to reflect light back through the central read fiber or to transmit light through in order to sense the color change of the patch at a specific wavelength.

While typical optical pH sensors are susceptible to drastic changes in performance in various ionic strength solutions, Ocean Optics’ sensory layer has been chemically modified to allow accurate sensing in both high and low salinity samples.

CUSTOM: IDIL can modify standard probe specifications (temperature resistance, fiber types, additional part…) or manufacture specific pH probe upon request.

  • Faster response time with high signal strength
  • Easy storage & no maintenance
  • Accurate & reproducible measurements
  • High resolution
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  • Organic solvents
  • Low ionic strength cooling water
  • Biological processes
  • Environmental
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At a glance
pH range5 - 9
Temperature range-5°C / +80°C
Transmissive accuracy≤ 1% of reading across range
Transmissive resolution0.02 pH
Transmissive response time30 seconds unit
Calibration requirements3 buffers
Chemistry-Proprietary Organically Modified Sol Gel formulation engineered to maximize
immunity to ionic strength
-Sol-gel material chosen over typical polymer method, for faster response time,
versatility in the desired dopants, greater chemical compatibility, flexible coating  
and enhanced thermal and optical performance
-Indicator molecule allows high resolution measurement in biological range
(pH 5-9)
-The flexible pH patches to the lens of a handheld transmissive dip probe offer
a robust sensor for in-situ applications
SterilizationGamma, EtO, Autoclave
Chemical compatibilityAqueous, alcohols, some organic solvents, peroxides, ammonia, sodium
AlgorithmSimplified algorithm takes analytical and baseline wavelengths into account to
reduce errors caused by optical shifts

This pH sensor turns your visible wavelength spectrometer and light source into a transmissive pH probe. By integrating a flexible dip probe, we offer a robust sensor for in-situ applications.

It is compatible with aqueous solutions, ethanol/methanol solutions, ammonia, peroxides, and sodium hypochlorite solutions.

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