MAYA2000PRO High sensitivity

/ Spectrometers

High sensitivity and deep UV measurement.

The flagship Maya2000® Pro offers high quantum efficiency, high dynamic range and is responsive in the deep UV (~185-300 nm). this back-thinned 2D FFt-ccD spectrometer uses the Hamamatsu S10420 detector and is perfect for applications that require higher quantum efficiency over a broader spectral range.

  • USB 2.0 interface
  • low-noise electronics
  • optical resolution to ~0.035 nm (FWHM); resolution depends on groove density of grating and size of entrance aperture (slit)
  • 14 grating options including optional Hc-1 composite grating for coverage from 175-1100 nm (additional charge)
  • slits available in widths of 5, 10, 25, 50, 100 and 200 μm
  • optional order-sorting filters to eliminate second- and third-order effects
  • fully controllable strobe signals (single or continuous)
  • 10 onboard digital user- programmable GPIos
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Type Hamamatsu S10420
Architecture Back-thinned, 2D
Thermoelectric cooling No
# of Pixels all : 2068 X 70
 – active : 2048 x 64
Pixel size 14 μm square
Detector active area (mm) 28.672 horizontal x 0.896 vertical
Well dep th 200Ke-
Peak Qe 75%
Qe @ 250 nm 60%
Integration time 6 ms – 5 seconds
A/D converter 16 bit, 500 kHz
Dynamic range (typical) 12000:1
Signal-to-noise ratio 450:1
Non-linearity (uncorrected) ~4.0%
Non-linearity (corrected) ≤ 1.0%
Column sensitivity ~0.32 counts/e-
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