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Near-Infrared spectrometers for virtually anything you can imagine

No matter what your work demands, NIRQuest has you covered. NIRQuest is the line of Near-Infrared Spectrometers that deliver superb performance, accuracy and reliability. The NIRQuest series of spectrometers are small-footprint, near- infrared instruments with high-performance response that cover various ranges from 900-2500 nm. Thanks to their low-noise optoelectronics and a range of grating and bench options, NIRQuest spectrometers are ideal for demanding applications ranging from moisture detection and chemical analysis to high-resolution laser and optical fiber characterization. What’s more, NIRQuest spectrometers can be customized for a variety of applications by selecting different gratings, slits and optical bench accessories. [optical Bench options]

High-resolution custom NIR options

Unlike most small-footprint NIr spectrometers, NIrQuest can be optimized for high resolution (<0.25 nm fWHm) analysis. this makes the system especially useful for characterizing lasers and optical fibers as well as analyzing atomic emission lines. Contact an applications Scientist for help in customizing your NIrQuest configuration.

calibration and service

We offer two spectrometer wavelength calibration sources: the ar-1 argon Source (696-1704 nm) and the Xe-1 Xenon Source (916-1894 nm).

Light sources and Accessories

the LS-1 and HL-2000 tungsten Halogen Light Sources are versatile, broadband light source options for your NIrQuest spectrometer. Our coolred light source provides illumination from 1000-5000 nm. Low oH content optical fibers and probes are optimized for response from 400-2100 nm. Look for assemblies with the VIS-NIr designation to ensure best performance with your NIrQuest. Several standard and optional longpass filters are available for different combinations of NIrQuest spectrometers. Of-1-cGa780 (transmits >780 nm), of1-rG830 (longpass NIr filter) and of1-cGa1000 (transmits >1000 nm) are among the options. Operating software for NIrQuest is SpectraSuite (required) and omnidriver is an optional development package available. Software is priced separately. NIrQuest spectrometers are backed by our industry-exclusive 3-Year Warranty. for added protection and annual maintenance, consider an optional aSp-NIr or ttS-NIr Service package.

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Type Wavelength range Models Best for
array-based 800-1600 nm NIRQuest512-Xr response at shortwave
NIR wavelengths (≤900 nm)
array-based 900-1700 nm NIRQuest512 optimum response at
~1600 nm and good optical resolution
(~3.0 nm FWHM)
array-based 1100-1900 nm NIRQuest512-1.9 Good response from
1100-1900 nm with good optical resolution
(~3.1 nm FWHM)
array-based 900-2050 nm NIRQuest256-2.1 Good response at higher wavelengths
(peak detector response ~1900 nm)
and optical resolution ≤ 8.0 nm (FWHM)
array-based 900-2200 nm NIRQuest512-2.2 Good response across 900-2200 nm
 without sacrificing optical resolution
performance (~4.6 nm FWHM)
array-based 900-2500 nm NIRQuest512.2.5 Good optical resolution
~6.3 nm FWHM) and low dark noise
at longer integration times
array-based 900-2500 nm NIRQuest256-2.5 Good response at higher wavelengths
(peak detector response ~2200 nm)
and optical resolution  ≤ 10.0 nm (FWHM)
scanning 900-2600 nm SIR-2600 Good optical resolution
and SNR performance,
especially for characterizing lasers
scanning 1300-3400 nm SIR-3400 Good optical resolution and SNR
performance at longer wavelengths,
especially for characterizing lasers
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Each NIRQuest spectrometer model is preset with optical bench and grating options appropriate for many NIR applications. However, we also offer a full range of slit, filter and grating options to optimize your setup for higher resolution needs or other similar performance requirements.

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  • Standard configurations
  • High-resolution NIr options
  • NIrQuest performance advantages
  • Optical Bench options
  • Grating options
  • High resolution
  • Calibration and Service
  • Light Sources and accessories
  • Pricing

Make NIRQuest your own

  • multiple detector options covering various ranges from ~800-2500 nm
  • wide range of grating and optical bench options to optimize your setup
  • external hardware triggering function for capturing data when an external event occurs; or to trigger an event after data acquisition
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