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IDIL Fibres Optiques provides a wide range of tunable optical delay lines.

Manual optical delay lines tunability depends on a micrometric screw which allows a higher than 0.1 picoseconds resolution. In fact, we propose a tunability that ranges between a few picoseconds to hundred of picoseconds, according to the running of the translation stage.

The translation stage can be motorized with a precision better than 1 µm and easily controlled by a computer via an USB interface.

The delay line can provide precision optical path variation of more than 50 mm.

Furthermore, packaging dimensions vary in accordance with customers’ requirements regarding delay values.

  • High resolution < 0.1 ps
  • Low insertion Loss < 1 dB
  • High delay and loss stability
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  • Telecommunications
  • Fiber optic instrumentation
  • Interferometric sensors
  • Coherent detection systems
  • Optical Fourrier spectrum analysis
  • Optical Time Division multiplexing (OTDM)
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Travel rangeUpon request25 mm50 mm
Travel mechanismManual or motorizedManual micrometerManual micrometer
Delay rangeFrom 1 ps to hundred ps80 ps150 ps
Delay resolutionDepend of the total delay1.6 ps per turn1.6 ps per turn
Resolution< 0.1 ps< 0.1 ps< 0.1 ps
WavelengthUV; IR; VisibleUV; IR; VisibleUV; IR; Visible
Max. Insertion loss< 1 dB (0,6 dB typical)< 1 dB< 1 dB
Loss variation over travelDepend on the total travel≤ 1 dB≤ 1 dB
Return loss45 dB (typical)≥ 45 dB≥ 45 dB
Fiber typeSMF; PMF ; MMF
ConnectorsFC; LC; SC; SMA; ST; MU; E2000; other
Buffer900 µm or 2.8 mm
Dimensions30 x 80 x 70 mm³ (with a 50 ps delay)100 x 81.4 x 40 mm³280 x 200 x 76 mm³
PackagingSlot, rack, patch cordSlot, rack, patch cordSlot, rack, patch cord
Operating temperatureFrom -5°C to +65°CFrom -5°C to +65°CFrom -5°C to +65°C
Storage temperatureFrom -40°C to +85°CFrom -40°C to +85°CFrom -40°C to +85°C
Optical power handlingUpon requestUpon requestUpon request
Control mode (motorized)USB, PC interface//

Contents (motorized ODL): User guide, calibration data, USB cable, power supply, integrated collimator, input and output fiber

Fiber Optic Delay Lines (ODL) consist of controlling the delay through the device by varying the distance the light travels between the input and the output fiber collimator. IDIL expertise in single-pass ODL allows a higher than 0.1 ps resolution compared to other supplier. Double-pass are available on request.

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