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Fiber Optic Oxygen Sensors are phase fluorometer-coupled chemical sensors for full spectral analysis of dissolved and gaseous oxygen pressure. A fluorescence method is used to measure the partial pressure of dissolved or gaseous oxygen.

A Fiber Optic Oxygen Sensor system will change the way you work. Because the probe consumes no oxygen, it can be used in continuous contact with viscous samples so that continuous stirring is no longer required. Now that there is an alternative to the oxygen electrode, changing membranes and filling solutions can be avoided.

Neofox The Neofox Phase Measurement system designed for use with Ocean Optics optical sensors.
BIFBORO-1000-2 2.0 Meter, 35 µm, 0.55 NA borosilicate bundle.
21-02 SMA splice bushing for connecting fiber optic sensor probes to bifurcated fiber assemblies.
FOXY-R 1000 µm fiber in a 1/16” OD stainless steel ferrule with
FOXY Sensor Formulation applied to the tip of the probe.
FOXY-AF (optional) Silicone overcoat applied to probe to exclude ambient light,
improve chemical resistance and eliminate refractive index effects.
FOXY-CAL (optional) Calibration option for sensors systems configured with temperature-compensation accessories;
users must specify the temperature and the concentration range for their applications.
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