PlasCalc Plasma

/ Spectrometer systems

Monitoring & control

The PlasCalc Plasma monitoring system measures plasma emission from 200-1100 nm in only 3 milliseconds. The PlasCalc benefits from advanced process control systems and sophisticated algorithms for data acquisition.

  • 1.0 nm (FWHm) optical resolution
  • 200-1100 nm range
  • rapidly build and save experiment methods
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spectral range 200-1100 nm
optical resolution 1.0 nm (FWHm)
D/A converter 14 bit
digital input/output 8 x ttl
analog output 4 x [0-10V]
interface UsB 1.1
power consumption 12 VDC @ 1.25 a
power requirements 90-240 VaC 50/60 Hz
dimensions 257 mm x 152 mm x 263 mm
weight 5 kg
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Recipe editor

the recipe Editor tool allows you to easily and rapidly configure, build and save experiment methods. it is easy to build robust recipes for the most difficult plasma processes such as mea- suring film deposition, monitoring plasma etching, examining surface cleaning, analyzing plasma chamber health control and monitoring abnormal pollution or discharge phenomena.

Multiple tools For easy plasma diagnosis

PlasCalc comes with operating software. The integrated Formula Editor provides easy access to a full range of mathematical and algorithmic functions. An optional Emission Wavelength library, available for a separate price, provides species identification, while the Wavelength Editor allows you to optimize signal-to- noise. A dual-window interface shows the actual spectrum and all process control information.

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