QE65000 Raman

/ Spectrometer systems

Scientific-grade spectrometer for Raman

Our QE65000-Raman Scientific-grade spectrometer is a preconfigured combination of detector, optical bench and electronics that provides your with a remarkably sensitive system for demanding low-light level Raman spectroscopy. The QE65000-Raman can achieve up to 90% quantum efficiency with high signal-to-noise and rapid signal processing speed

  • Quantum Efficiency to 90%
  • Rapid signal processing speed
  • Increased System Sensitivity
  • Excellent UV Response
  • Available as a complete Raman SpectraKit
  • Demanding low-light level applications
  • Low noise & low dark signals
  • No spectral distortion
  • Onboard programming
  • Plug-and-play USB operation
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  • Process monitoring
  • Quality control
  • Industry
  • Raman experiments
  • Non-destructive measurements
  • Quantifying mixtures
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Dimensions182 mm x 110 mm x 47 mm
Weight1.18 kg (without power supply)
DetectorHamamatsu S7031-1006
Detector range200-1100 nm
Pixels1024 x 58 (1044 x 64 total pixels)
Pixel size24.576 μm2
Pixel well depth1000 Ke-
Sensitivity~0.065 counts / e-
Quantum efficiency90% peak; 65% at 250 nm
 Optical bench
Designf/4, Symmetrical crossed czerny-turner
Focal length101.6 mm input and output
Entrance aperture50 μm wide slit
Hc6 gratingProvides 123-170 nm range
Detector collection lens optionNone
Collimating and focusing mirrorsStandard only
UV enhanced windowNo
Fiber optic connectorSMA 905 to 0.22 numerical aperture single-strand optical fiber
Wavelength range780 - 1100 nm (grating dependent)
Optical resolution~6 - 19cm-1 (Slit dependant)
Signal-to-noise ratio1000:1 (at full signal)
A /D resolution16 bit
Dark noise3 RmS counts
Dynamic range7.5 x 109 (system), 25000:1 for a single acquisition
Integration time8 ms to 15 minutes
Stray light≤0.08% at 600 nm; 0.4% at 435 nm
Corrected linearity≥99.8%
Power consumption500 ma @ 5 Vdc (no tE cooling); 3.5 a @ 5 Vdc (with tE cooling)
Data transfer speedFull scans to memory every 7 ms with USB 2.0 port, 18 ms with USB1.1 port,
300 ms with serial port, 10 onboard digital user-programmable gpios
(general purpose inputs/outputs)
Analog channelsNo
Auto nullingYes
Breakout box compatibilityYes, HR4-BREaKoUt
Trigger modes4 modes
Strobe functionsNo
Gated delay featureYes
Connector30-pin connector
Power-up time≤5 seconds
Dark current4000 e-/pixel/sec @ 25 oc; 200 e-/pixel/sec @ 0 oc
Operating systemsWindows 98/me/2000/Xp, mac oS X and Linux with USB port; any 32-bit
Computer interfacesWindows oS with serial port, USB 2.0 @ 480 mbps; RS-232 (2-wire) @ 115.2
K baud
Peripheral interfacesSpi (3-wire); i2c inter-integrated circuit
Temperature & thermoelectric (te) cooling
Temperature limits0 oc to 50.0 oc; no condensation
Set pointSoftware controlled; lowest set point is 40 oc below ambient
Stability+/-0.1 oc of set temperature in ≤2 minutes

Please see the diagram of how light moves through the optical bench of a QE65000 Spectrometer. The optical bench has no moving parts that can wear or break; all the components are fixed in place at the time of manufacture.

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