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The ideal box for temperature stabilized measurements

The SteadiQ is a box designed to stabilize temperature avoiding temperature drift of your spectrometer, resulting in more accurate measurements. The SteadiQ can be used for ocean optics spectrometer independent from the outside temperature.

  • suitable for extreme cold environments
  • suitable for extreme hot environments
  • inside temperature 23°C ± 1°K between +5 to +40°C
  • inside temperature 23°C ± 2 °K between -20 and +60 C
  • integrated inline shutter
  • suitable for a wide range of single-channel spectrometer
  • available for different spectral ranges
  • easy connection by pre-configured plug-in
  • externally controlled dark measurement
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  • solar irradiance measurements
  • vegetation
  • all outdoor measurements
  • volcanic observation
  • air pollution
  • greenhouses
  • food industry (cold store)
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SpectroscopicSteadiQ-UV & SteadiQ-VIS
Wavelength range SteadiQ-uV200-1100 nm (depending on spectrometer configuration)
Wavelength range SteadiQ-ViS400-2500 nm (depending on spectrometer configuration)
Compatible spectrometersuSb2000+, uSb4000, hr2000+, hr4000, maya2000, maya2000pro,
Qe65000, nirQuest512, nirQuest216-2.1, nirQuest216-2.5
inside temperature23°C ± 1°K between +5 to +40°C; 23°C ± 2 °K between -20 and +60 C
dimensions (l x w x h)465 mm x 300 mm x 414 mm
weightapprox. 12 kg
operating voltageincluding 110 / 220 VaC > 24 VdC ; 7 a
communication interfaceVia USB connection on the spectrometer

Spectrometers are not included

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