Femto-S Bridge

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Special microscopes : custom designed two-photon microscope from our partner Femtonics.

Femto-S Bridge is a special edition of the FemtoSmart microscope which is manufactured to have for extreme freedom in positioning of the body. It involves all advantages of the FemtoSmart series but it is extended to studies which need huge place for the sample or accessories therefore allowing functional brain imaging in head fixed mice navigating in a virtual reality environment.

  • Flexible objective positioning with high precision
  • Backlash-free, highly stable in all positions
  • Minimized optical path to the detectors equipped to the tilting unit
  • ∼40% higher SNR as compared to other solutions
  • Green lamp included
  • Changeable filter set prior to detectors
  • Accepts both conventional and large back aperture objectives
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The elevator
Adjustable space between the microscope base
and the top lens of the objective
The modified elevating foot moves the head along vertical
Moving range : 50 cm
Coarse Z-adjustment along the column : 1 mm
Enlarged place below the head
Multiple height and working distance choices to address
most animal models
 Fine motions
Objective holding arm 50 mm range (Z direction)
Piezo objective positioner Fast Z positioning in several hundred micrometers ranges
XY actuator moves relative to the column in X and Y direction
(± 25 mm range, step size: 1 µm)
Tilting objective YES (> the accessibility to the side parts of the sample)
Optional features Upon request
Laser beam One or two (Femtosecond, two-photon laser)
Scanner configuration Galvano, resonant or dual
Large choice of height permutations
Green lamp
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  • Useful for in vivo experiments
  • Intravital imaging
  • Deep brain imaging in rodents or even non-human primates
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