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Tapered Amplifier Diodes, high power laser diode amplifier.

  • Tapered Amplifier Diodes
  • 730nm/1180nm
  • Up to 3000mW
  • Single mode
  • Excellent beam profile
  • Low seed power 5mW/50mW
  • Free space and fiber pigtailed versions available

Output Power 500 mW/3000mW
Wavelength 735nm, 765nm, 780nm, 795nm, 830nm, 850nm, 915nm, 980nm, 1020nm, 1060nm, 1080nm.
Linewidth depending on Master laser
Side Mode Supression > 40 dB for a normal ECDL
Beam Waist 2.5 mmx2.5 mm…3 mmx 1.5 mm
Beam Divergence ≤ 2 mrad
Beam Quality M2 Depending on Master laser
Output Polarization p polarized/ s polarised
Weight Laser Head: 0.6 kg, Power Supply: 4.5 kg
Laser Head Dimension (W x H x L) 54 x 58 x 165 mm
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