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Meet us at IUPAC in Paris (Booth 21)

IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry)

To meet IDIL, go to Ocean Optics Booth N° 21 !

This IUPAC-2019 Congress and the joint 50th General Assembly will present an exceptional character as both will celebrate the Centenary of the Union.

Special events will be organized all week long, encompassing a Celebration plenary session organized together with the IUPAC100 Committee, a celebratory evening organized by the Young Scientists at the Maison de la Chimie, the Celebration gala dinner, and an official Ceremony organized at the Sorbonne in presence of the French authorities, IUPAC Council, NAOs diplomatic delegations and prestigious scientists and guests.


WHERE : IUPAC Paris 2019 – Palais des Congrès de Paris / Level 2 / Booth n°21



  1. Chemistry for life
    1. Symp. Chemistry for the generation of artificial biological systems
    2. Symp. Chemistry for Translational Medicine
    3. Symp. Nanotechnologies for Health, Food and Beauty
    4. Symp. Polymer and soft materials for Life Sciences
  2. Chemistry for energy and resources
    1. Symp. Materials for Energy by Computational Design
    2. Symp. New approaches for Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion Systems
    3. Symp. Turning Solar Energy to fuels via artificial Photosynthesis
    4. Symp. Towards multi-Terawatt clean Photovoltaic Energy Conversion – Grand chemical challenges
    5. Symp. Management of Renewable Energy related Materials Resources
    6. Symp. Chemistry and Nuclear Energy: new materials and processes for a sustainable nuclear energy
  3. Chemistry for the environment
    1. Symp. Monitoring chemicals for a Safer Environment
    2. Symp. Addressing Environmental Issues through Biosourced Materials and Green Chemicals
    3. Symp. Carbon Dioxide Capture, Storage, Recycling
    4. Symp. Catalysis, Sorption and Separation for a Cleaner Environment
    5. Symp. Innovative Chemistry for Environmental Enhancement
  4. Across the themes
  5. Chemistry and society
  6. Chemistry and eduction
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