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Caméra multispectrale (SpectroCam)

/ Spectromètres

Sequential 6-8-Band multispectral camera. Different versions available : UV, VIS and SWIR

SpectroCam™ multispectral wheel cameras deliver live processed images of 6-8 spectral bands at full-frame resolution and rates up to 25 frames per second (∼2-4 stacks per second). Configure SpectroCam™ for your application, using standard and custom interchangeable optical filters. Available in ultraviolet (UV), visible (VIS), and short-wave infrared (SWIR) versions, our cameras incorporate high-sensitivity image sensors.

Designed to reduce development times and simplify the design cycle, SpectroCam™ makes multispectral imaging accessible for any user speeding the development and deployment of all kinds of multispectral applications.

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  • Sequential 6-8 band multispectral imaging
  • Full frame resolution at up to 25 frames/second
  • Interchangeable standard & custom spectral filters
  • Intuitive acquisition software
  • High speed digital video output
  • OEM customization
  • Biomedical markers
  • Medical tissue analysis
  • Forensics examination
  • Authentification
  • Art & archeology
  • Food quality grading
  • Colorimetric assays
  • High accuracy color
  • Enhanced night vision
  • Aerospace & Defense
SpectroCam UVSpectroCam VISSpectroCam VIS-SWIR 640SpectroCam SWIR 320
Spectral response200-900nm (UV+NIR+SWIR)400-1000nm (VIS+NIR)500-1700nm (SWIR)900-1700nm (SWIR)
SensorCDD, UV-enhanced Si- CDD, silicon, 5MPInGaAsInGaAs
1392 x 1040px2456 x 2058 px640 x 512px320 x 256px
Pixel pitch4.65µm3.45µm15µm30µm
Spectral bands8866
Active area6.4 x 4.8 mm8.47 x 7.1 mm9.6 x 7.68 mm9.6 x 7.68 mm
Frame rateUp to 15 frames/secUp to 15 frames/secUp to 25 frames/secUp to 25 frames/sec
Digital outputGig-E, 10 bitGig-E, 12 bitGig-E, 14 bitGig-E, 14 bit
Size136 x 124 x 105mm136 x 124 x 105mm136 x 124 x 116mm136 x 124 x 116mm

Optical interface: F-mount standard (manual aperture & focus), range of lenses available, adapters available on request

Capture live images within minutes, using the included acquisition software to enhance contrast and see beyond human vision.

SpectroCam systems are available in a turnkey format complete with lens and up to eight interchangeable filters. Customized OEM multispectral engines are possible. Contact our engineers to discuss your application.

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