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Micro-spectromètre Raman (Finder One)

/ Systèmes de spectromètres

Raman microscopy couples a Raman spectrometer to a standard optical microscope, allowing high magnification visualisation of a sample and Raman analysis with a microscopic laser spot. 

Raman microscopy is easy: simply place the sample under the microscope, focus, and make a measurement.

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  • High Sensitivity
  • High Quantum Efficiency
  • Different lasers wavelenghts configuration
  • Low wavenumber configuration 90-5,000cm-¹


  • Geological
  • Forensic
  • Archeology
  • Medicine


Spectral Range180-5,000cm-¹
Resolution≤2cm-¹ (@585.25nm)
Laser OptionsStandard : 532nm (≥100nW, TEM00) Options : 325nm, 633nm, 785nm, etc.
DetectorTE air-cooled CDD (LDC-DD)
Effective Pixel2000x256
Pixel Size15x15µm
Quantum Efficiency95%@780nm

Above specification are 532nm laser, the specification will be different according to different laser wavelength.

Application example: Flash Rock Laser : 532 nm

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