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Two-photon microscope – galvo+resonant (FEMTOSmart) / Microscopy

FEMTOSmart Series consist of a range of 3 smart two-photon microscopes with galvo and/or resonant scanner

Two-photon microscope – galvo+resonant (FEMTOSmart) summary

Fully customizable, these two-photon microscopes will always fit perfectly to the customers’ needs. The special feature of this microscope is the elevated body, which allows extremely free positioning of the sample below the objective (XYZ directions).

These microscopes are able to perform galvo or/and resonant scanner-based functional imaging. They can fit many research applications and are suitable for in vivo studies in a wide range of model organisms, from zebrafish larvae, through mice navigating in virtual reality to non-human primates.

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    • Elevated body & large space under the objective
    • XYZ positioning with micron precision
    • Flexible scanning methods: galvanometric, resonant or both scanning possibilities
    • Galvo Scanner, focusing on regions-of-interest
    • High level of modularity
    • Optimal for in vivo studies
    • Patented imaging technologies, travelling detector system
    • In vivo imaging
    • Neural network imaging
    • Deep brain imaging
    • Photoactivation
    • Optogenetics
    • Uncaging
    • Dendritic imaging
    • Behavioral studies
    in vivo deep brain imagingDown to 850 µmDown to 850 µm
    FOV800 um x 800 µm²600 um x 600 µm²
    Scanning modesRaster, multiple frame, multiple line, folded frame, discrete point series, stimulus patternsFast frame and frame by frame volume scanning, in-frame ramping scanning
    - 4.1 fps at 512 x 512 pixels, 700 x 700 um²- 31 fps at 512 x 512 pixels, 600 x 600 um²
    - point and random-access point with 200 us/point- 500 fps at 32 x 512 pixels
    - 40 lines/5 ms Straight and curved lines- 16000 lines/sec Straight, parallel with x-axis
    - 3D volume scanning with 3 Hz by piezo objective positioner
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