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FLAME-T General purpose spectrometer / Spectrometers

FLAME-T spectrometer delivers all the benefits of miniature, modular spectroscopy — without comprise.

FLAME-T General purpose spectrometer summary

This compact fiber optic spectrometer integrates performance-enhancing features. It is produced using industry-leading manufacturing techniques. Enjoy the benefits of greater thermal stability. They also offer less unit-to-unit variability, plus the freedom of interchangeable slits, simple device connectors and LED status indicators.

Optical bench options are available for UV, Visible and NIR wavelengths.

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    • User interchangeable slits
    • Indicator LEDs
    • Modular within the UV-Vis-NIR wavelengths
    • Thermal stability
    • Reduced unit to unit variation
    • Configurability
    • Plug & Play operation
    • Easy of integration
    • Life science and other labs using a wide variety of biological samples
    • Teaching and general lab use
    • LED binning and light metrology, process monitoring
    • Manufacturers of analytical instrumentation
    • Laser characterization, low signal fluorescence and optimizing for specific absorbance bands
    • Remote sensing measurements in the field, including air and water quality monitoring and solar irradiance
    • Engineering labs, developers, OEM manufacturers; works with LabVIEW and other design platforms
    FLAME spectrometers
    Models and wavelengthsFLAME-T-XR (200-1025nm)
    FLAME-T-UV-VIS (200-850nm)
    FLAME-T-VIS-NIR (350-1000nm)
    Integration time3.8ms - 65s (down to 10µs in shutter mode)
    Corrected linearity> 99%
    Dark noise50 RMS counts
    Dynamic range1300:1 for a single acquisition, 8.5 x 10^7 (system)
    Input fiber connectorSMA 905
    Signal-to-noise ratio300:1 (full signal)
    Detector typeLinear silicon CCD array
    Entrance slit25µm (interchangeable)
    GratingGrating_#XR1 (blaze @250nm)
    Grating_#1 (blaze @300nm)
    Grating_#3 (blaze @500nm)
    Detector collection lensYes
    A/D resolution16 bit
    ConnectorsUSB, high density 40 pin JAE DD4 connector
    Inputs/Outputs8 x user programmable GPIOs
    Scan rate (maximum)~400Hz
    Trigger modes4 modes
    Power consumption250mA @5VDC
    Dimensions89.1 x 63.3 x 31.9 mm3
    Weight265 g

    Take advantage of application-ready Flame systems for UV-Vis absorbance, fluorescence, Vis-NIR reflectance and NIR spectroscopy

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