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High Speed Optical Spectrum Analyzer / Education systems

IDIL Fibres Optiques has developed a High Speed Optical Spectrum Analyzer with bandwidth 1 GHz dedicated to measure fast physical phenomena in spectroscopy.

High Speed Optical Spectrum Analyzer summary

It spectrally analyze the optical spectrum of an incident light beam through a diffraction grating. This system includes two sub-assemblies:

  • an optical bench splits spectrally the incident beam and injects in 20 independent fibers arranged in a line at the output grating.
  • an opto-electrical board composed by 20 avalanches photodiodes with power supply and amplification.

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    • Spectral detection range : 366 nm to 844 nm
    • Optical resolution : 24 nm
    • (customized range and resolution available).
    • Fast physical phenomena in spectroscopy
    Spectrum analyzer
    FiberMultimode 105/125 um, Low OH, 0.22 NA
    ConnectorFC/APC (other type possible)
    Grating150 grooves/mm blazed at 500 nm
    PhotodiodesSi APD Hamamatsu S8611
    Number of channels20
    Wavelength range366-844 nm (customized range possible)
    Bandwidth OSA1 GHz
    Dimensions400 X 250 X 165 mm3
    Power requirements220 V

    Customized wavelength range possible

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