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High resolution spectrometer (HR)

/ Spectrometers

The high resolution spectrometers (HR) provides users with high spectral response and optical resolution in a single unit

HR spectrometers are used where fast reactions need to be monitored and high resolution is necessary, such as characterizing lasers, measuring gas absorbance and determining atomic emission lines.

The HR is available in two different ways: custom configured and preconfigured.

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  • High resolution : < 1 nm (FWHM)
  • Flexible triggering functions to synchronize the spectrometer to other devices
  • High speed acquisition: 1 ms
  • Electronic shutter (for HR4000 model) to eliminate saturation
  • Lasers characterization
  • LEDs
  • Gases monitoring
  • Monochromatic light sources
  • Determination of elemental atomic emission lines
HR spectrometer
Wavelength range190 - 1100 nm
Slit (input)10 µm, 5 µm
Pixels2048, 3648
A/D resolution16 bit
Optical resolutionH1 - H14; HC-1
Optical resolution0.9 nm FWHM, 047 nm FWHM, 0.62 nm FWHM
Integration time1 ms - 65 seconds
Dynamic range2,000:1 (for a single acquisition)
Input fiber connectorSMA 905
SNR250:1, 290 :1, 300 :1
Stray light< 0.05% at 600 nm ; 0.10% at 435 nm
WireUSB 2.0, 480 Mbps, I2C (2-wire)
Operating temperaturefrom -10°C to +50 °C
Weight0.57 kg
Size148.6 x 104.8 x 45.1 mm

Please contact us for other specification configurations

The HR2000+ (Custom) spectrometer is a small-footprint, high-resolution spectrometer that is well suited for applications such as wavelength characterization of lasers and LEDs, monitoring of gases and monochromatic light sources, and determination of elemental atomic emission lines. Depending on spectrometer configuration, an optical resolution as fine as ~0.035 nm (FWHM) is possible.

The HR4000 (Custom) spectrometer is responsive from 200-1100 nm, but the specific range and resolution depend on your grating and entrance slit choices. This novel combination of optics and electronics is ideal for applications such as characterizing lasers, measuring gas absorbance, and determining atomic emission lines.

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