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Integrated laser beam combiner

/ Components

IDIL Fibres Optiques supplies an integrated Laser-Beam Combiner from Xio Photonics. Compact and easy-to-use system that combines visible wavelength channels into one single-mode fiber.

The combiner requires no alignment of optical components and is therefore very stable and maintenance-free. The optical-fiber based connectors allow the beam combiner to be easily plugged to various types of laser sources. Standardized connectors enable the user to choose the laser manufacturer for each wavelength.

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  • Combines several wavelengths
  • “Plug-and-play”
  • Compact
  • Maintenance free
  • Independent of laser supplier
  • Optional optical power monitor output
  • Optional polarization maintaining fiber
  • Fluoresence & confocal microscopy
  • Spectroscopy & Raman
  • Flow Cytometry
  • Metrology
  • OEM integration
  • Instrumentation
Wavelengths combineWavelengths range
From 2, 4 to 8VIS (400-700 nm) or NIR (700-850 nm)
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