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Stand alone spectrometers (JAZ SERIES)

/ Spectrometers

The revolution in optic sensing: stand alone spectrometers.

The Jaz series form a revolution in optical sensing. Jaz units are unique stand alone systems consisting of stackable modules. The modular set up allows you to customize the system to your (changing) application needs. Jaz is ideal for field measurements, process analysis and remote sensing.

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  • Powerful onboard microprocessor / Onboard display
  • Modular / stackable
  • Components share common electronics
  • Ethernet connectivity & SD card for data storage
  • Battery module
  • RohS compliant
  • Standalone
  • Modules operate both separately and together
  • No need for pc & external power supply
  • Flexible, Portable & User-friendly
  • Remotely accessible via ethernet
  • Industrial process control
  • Environmental analysis
  • Agricultural enhancements
  • Biology research
  • Solar measurements
  • Waste water analysis
  • Light characterisation
Jaz-s spectrometer Module
Detectorlinear ccD array (200-1100 nm)
Grating options14 gratings, uv through shortwave nir
Slit size5, 10, 25, 50, 100 or 200 μm
Fiber optic connectorSMA 905
Wavelength rangemax. 650 nm
Optical resolution~ 0.3 - 10.0 nm (FWhM)
Signal-to-noise ratio250 : 1
Dark noise50 rMS counts
Dynamic range1300 : 1
Integration time4 ms to 65 seconds
Power consumption~ 2.5 W
Jas-dpu oled display Module
OLED display128 x 64 oleD display
Keypadpush-button functions easy to read from any orientation
Onboard computerembedded processor with data processing and storage capability
Additional featuresUSB 2.0
Jaz-e ethernet & Memory Module
Ethernet100 Mbps, ieee 802.3-compliant 10 / 100
Data storagevia SD card
Jaz-B Battery & Memory Module
Typerechargeble lithium-ion
Life8 hours before recharging
Jaz-uv-vis light source Module
TypeDeuterium-tungsten halogen
Bulb life (estimated)800 hours for deuterium; 2 000 hours for tungsten
Jaz-vis-nir light source Module
TypeTungsten halogen
Bulb life (estimated)1100 hours
 Jaz-ls450 light source Module
TypeLS-450 leD

A basic Jaz includes the spectrometer module and onboard DPU. You may customize Jaz modules to include light sources, external battery and multiple spectrometer channels to optimize your setup for absorbance, reflectance and emission measurements.

Jaz incorporates a number of autonomous modules that share common networking and electronics. You can add up to eight modules for the most convenient multichannel analysis ever. Jaz spectrometers are robust for demanding environments and even temperatures of -10°C to +55°C.

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