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Low coherence interferometry and Fiber optic gyroscope / Education systems

The optical low coherence interferometry and fiber optic gyroscope training kit is a school equipment specifically studied to understand some phenomena dedicated to low coherence interferences.

Low coherence interferometry and Fiber optic gyroscope summary

It enables to make chromatic dispersion measurements, to study fiber component structure with an interferometric reflectometer and to look into the operation of a Sagnac interferometer used like a gyroscope.

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    • Comprehensive teaching & training manual
    • Rack mounted components
    • Eye safe connectors
    • Competitive pricing
    • 1 Dispersion shifted fiber (DSF)
    • 1 Detector : InGaAs photodiode (BW≥10 Mhz) 1 Motorised translation stage
    • 5 Patchcords E2000/APC Diamond connectors
    • 1 Fiber mirror
    • 1 Chirped Bragg grating 1 Fabry-Perot diode
    • 1 Gyroscope unit
    • 1 ASE source
    • 1 Optical isolator
    • 1 Fiber optic coupleur 50/50, 2×2
    • 1 Variable optical attenuator
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