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Measurement System (Omni-Station-DSSC-IPCE) / Spectrometer systems

Omni-Station series is a multifunctional experimental platform which is based on Quantum Efficiency (QE) measurement

Measurement System (Omni-Station-DSSC-IPCE) summary

The system employs a turnkey integrated design, which can carry out the QE, Reflectivity, Mapping testing functions automatically. There are also Modularization Design special accessories to adapt to different solar cell samples.

Dye-sensitized solar cell’s incident photon-to-electron conversion efficiency (DSSC-IPCE) measurement is an essential characterization method for the photoelectrical performance of solar cells.

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    • Spectral range: 300~1100nm
    • Measurement items: Spectral responsivity, QE,Short circuit current density
    • Sample: 100x100mm
    • Measurement: DC, DC with bias light
    Light spot2-10mm
    Wavelength range300-1100nm
    StepMin.0.1nm, recommended 5nm
    Filter wheelAutomatic switching according to the wavelength
    Calibration detectorCalibrated silicon detector
    Data acquisition sensitivity100 nA
    Sample holderSuit for Sandwich DSSC
    Optical table size≥ 1200x800mm
    PC and softwareWin7 system and Setup software
    Testing method diversification

    Testing method diversification: The testing solution could be DC mode or DC with bias light mode. The bias light was supplied from the 75W Tungsten-Halogen lamp. For the filters holders, one of the holder, the customer could fix different filters according to the bias light wavelength range. And for the other two filter wheels, each wheel has six positions, you can choose different filters to get different bias light intensity.

    1. filter wheel near the bias light exit port
      1. NDF12501 79% OD 0.1
      2. NDF12503 50% OD 0.3
      3. NDF12504 39.8% OD 0.4
      4. NDF12508 15.8% OD 0.8
      5. NDF12510 10% OD 1
      6. 100% OD 0
    2. filter wheel near the light optical path
      1. NDF12501 79% OD 0.1
      2. NDF12503 50% OD 0.3
      3. NDF12504 39.8% OD 0.4
      4. NDF12508 15.8% OD 0.8
      5. NDF12510 1% OD 2
      6. 100% OD 0

    Vertical total reflection optical path: The sample could be placed horizontally in vertical optical path. There is no chromatism in the total refelction optical path. With the XYZ manual stage, the light spot could meet the sample well.

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