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Multispectral sensor (PixelSensor)

/ Spectrometers

Multispectral sensor for compact devices

Multispectral sensors (PixelSensor™) use exclusive on-chip filtering to pack up to 8 wavelength-selective photodiodes into a compact 9x9mm array for simple integration into optical devices. A single multispectral sensor replaces multiple components, helping OEMs shrink multi-wavelength instruments such as in vitro diagnostics, biochemical assays or colorimetry applications.

Multispectral sensor’s wafer-level optical filters split the spectrum into 8 discrete color bands and suppress out-of-band background light, improving contrast and sensitivity. Multispectral sensor offers narrowband selectivity (400-1000 nm), is available in OEM versions with user-defined spectral bands, and can be specified with optional electronics board and accessories for rapid prototyping and development.

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  • 8-band sensor array in 9×9 footprint
  • OEM electronics boards in option
  • Simplified optics for miniaturized devices
  • Narrow band VIS-NIR selectivity (400-1000nm)
  • Biomedical instrumentation
  • Color meters & monitors
  • Industrial sorting & sensing
  • Portable optical sensors
  • OEM multispectral devices
Photodiode performance characteristics
Dark current2 nA (Typical), 8 nA (Max)
Shunt resistance100 MΩ
Junction capacity (Vr=0V, f=100kHz)6 pF (Typical), 7 pF (Max)
Junction capacity (Vr=50V, f=100kHz)0.6 pF (Typical), 0.7 pF (Max)
Spectral range400-1100 nm
Breakdown voltage75 V
Noise equivalent power5x10-14
Response time6 ns
Absolute maximum rating
Reverse voltage75 V
Operating temperatureFrom -40°C to +80°C
LCC sensor
Spectral filtersStandard and custom
10-100 nm FWHM
PhotodiodesSi, 1.0 x 0.8 mm
PackageLCC 20
LCC dimensions9x9mm
OEM board specifications
Integration time1-1024 ms
Gain reference20-5120 nAvv
InterfaceUSB 2.0
SoftwareWindows 32/64-bit compatible
OEM board dimensions45.72 x 21.34 mm
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