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Fluorescence spectrometer (OmniFluo)

/ Spectrometer systems

Steady-state & time-resolved fluorescence spectrometer for laboratory fluorescence spectroscopy

OmniFluo are modular fluorescence systems. By different accessories, Omnifluo could realize application changes and specific measurements: fluorescence, excitation, normal and low temperature testing, PL, Raman, transmission, reflection, absorption and detector calibration measurement. The possible configurati0ns are endless. OmniFluo Fluorescence Systems can combine the PL and PLE in the same architecture.

Omnifluo fluorescence systems adopt high performance Omni-λmonochromator/spectrograph, high sensitivity single or multi-channel detector, single photon counting/lock-in amplifier technique. The standard for sensitivity is the signal-to-noise ratio calculated from a water Raman spectrum. Using this standardized test, our signal-to-noise ratio is 12000:1.

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  • Modular design, different combination
  • Extended wavelength range with triple grating monochromators, 200 – 2500nm
  • Emission spectroscopy correction function
  • High ouptput power: 75W Xenon light source
  • Laser wavelength option: 375nm, 442nm, 532nm, 785nm, 1064nm
  • Infrared test functions (expansion option)
  • Quantum yield (expansion option)
  • Polarization fluorescence (extension option)
  • μs-s fluorescence lifetime measurement
  • Excellent stray light performance
  • Reflection, Absorption
  • Quantum yield measurements of Phosphor powders
  • Fluorescence upconversion
  • Display technique, OLED
  • Carbon nanotubes
  • Biology
  • Biomedical
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Drug development & Pharmacology
  • Food science & Agriculture
Sensitivity (steady state)>12000:1>12000:1
Lifetime RangeSteady stateμs-s
Spectral Range200-900 nm - Extensible to infrared200-900 nm - Extensible to infrared
Focal length320 mm320 mm
Stray light rejection1*10-51*10-5
Resolution0.08 nm0.08 nm
Wavelength Accuracy±0.2 nm±0.2 nm
Wavelength Repeatability±0.1±0.1
Excitation Sources
Type75W Xenon light source75W Xenon light source & 60W Microsecond flashlamp
ModeSteady stateSteady state & Time-Resolved
Pulse WidthN.A.2.9 μs
Data AcquisitionSingle photo countingSingle photo counting
Number of detector channels11
Min. width of time binsN.A.64ps
Computer interfaceUSBUSB
SoftwareSteady stateSteady state & Time-Resolved
OmniFluo-B1Infrared measurement accessoriescorresponding detector and data acquisition,
which can meet the 800- 1700nm spectral range test.
OmniFluo-B2Infrared measurement accessoriescorresponding detector and data acquisition,
which can meet the 800- 2500nm spectral range test.
OmniFluo-C1Quantum Yield measurement accessories
OmniFluo-C2Polarization fluorescence measurement accessories

Fluorescence is the light emitted by matter after absorbing light or other electromagnetic radiation. When light is irradiated to some atoms, the energy of light makes some electrons around the nucleus from the original energy level to a higher energy level, that is, from the ground state to the 1st or 2nd excited singlet states. The 1st or 2nd excited singlet states are unstable, so the ground state will be restored. When the electron is recovered from the 1st excited single state to the ground state, the energy will be released in the form of light, that is to produce fluorescence.

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