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Pm tunable filter / Components

IDIL Fibres Optics offers a PM optical filter continuously tunable over a 40 nm spectral.

Pm tunable filter summary

For manual polarization maintaining optical filter, the tunability is achieved via a micrometric screw offering a resolution better than 0.1 nm. The translation stage can be motorized and easily controlled by a computer via an USB interface.

IDIL expertise lies in our capacity to offer our customers a wide range of PM optical filter depending on their needs and applications.

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    • Wavelength and bandwidth tunable filter
    • Wavelength tuning range : 40 nm (typical)
    • High reliability
    • Ultra-low insertion loss
    • Compact, robust & vibration-resistant device
    • Laboratories
    • DWDM
    • Add-Drop
    • Multiplexing
    • Demultiplexing
    Central wavelength1550 +/- 10 nm (Other wavelengths available)
    Polarisation ratio> 20 dB
    Tunability range> 40 nm
    Resolution0.1 nm
    Insertion loss≤ 2 dB
    FWHM1.5 nm (typical)
    Return Loss45 dB
    Operating temperature rangeFrom 0 to 70 °C
    Storage temperature rangeFrom -20°C to +80°C
    Connectors typeFC / SC / E2000
    Fiber typePMF
    Dimensions (W x H x L)55 x 32 x 55 mm³
    Power handling< 1 W
    How it works

    PM tunable filter consists of an integrated grating, manually tuned with a high precision micrometer. The solution can also be motorized to tune the center wavelength.

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