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Pocket Light Meter (Wavego) / Spectrometers

Accurate handheld light measurement solution thanks to a professional pocket light meter

Pocket Light Meter (Wavego) summary

The pocket light meter is ideal for applications that require a simple, yet highly accurate result when characterizing light sources. The application calculates and displays all the essential metrics for quantifying light, and connects the data to a user account via the cloud. Our solution harnesses Ocean Insight technology used in scientific analysis, along with the power of your smartphone to deliver a quick, accurate and easy solution for light measurement

Accurate: WaveGo uses a spectrometer with 3nm optical resolution allowing highly accurate light measurement. The data recorded is consistent and reliable every time. Trust the results whether testing at low or high lux levels, giving full confidence in any situation.

Easy: A simple process for taking, saving and viewing measurements on the go. Take single or continuous, GPS tagged measurements in one click, reducing testing time and difficulty. With the intuitive app, anybody can take recordings, completely removing the learning curve. View the saved data and easily export them on the go.

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    • Absolute Irradiance Spectrum
    • Lux
    • Optical Flicker
    • CIE 1931 Chromaticity (x,y)
    • CRI (Ra, R1- 15)
    • TM30 (Rf & Rg)
    • PAR
    • DLI
    • DLI Database
    • CCT (K°)
    • Melanopic Lux
    • GPS
    • Accelerometer
    • Lighting designers & architects
    • Light manufacturers
    • Museum & galleries
    • Horticulture
    • Human centric lighting
    • Retail
    • Film & TV
    Optical resolution (FWHM)3 nm
    Wavelength range350 - 800 nm
    Illuminance range50 - 1 000 000 lux
    x,y Repeatability (2sigma)0.005 @250 lux
    x,y Accuracy0.005 @250 lux
    Reliable chromaticity>10 lux
    Illuminance accuracy± 4% @250 lux
    CCT accuracy± 2%
    CRI accuracy± 1.5%
    Number of pixels1024
    Integration time10 µs - 1 s
    Stray light0.25%
    Measurement modeSingle, continuous
    Lighting designers & architectsEasily characterize light in a built
    Light manufacturersTest & prove quality throughout manufacturing & sales
    Museums & galleriesEnsure object safety, longevity & viewing quality
    HorticultureMaximize quality and yield of produce
    Human centric lightingCheck lighting parameters essential to HCL design
    RetailEnsure quality & consistency of lighting for display
    Film & TVEnsure lighting quality & consistency

    Option : LNE certification


    Data management is effortless. With Wavego, you have easy data storage, can search historical measurements on your phone and have the ability to instantly share results via email. WaveCloud integration allows access and analysis of the results anywhere, from app or desktop.

    Download our full Wavego /WaveApp / WaveCloud brochure here

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