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Pocket Light Meter (Wavego)

/ Spectrometer systems

Accurate light measurement on the move thanks to a professional pocket light meter (Wavego) powered by your smartphone.

Turn your phone into a pocket light meter which can measure Lux, melanotic lux, CRI (all colours from R1 to R15), TM30, PAR, MacAdam eEllipses, absolute irradiance spectrum and CIE 1931 coordinates. Accuracy is just 3 nm.

On the move, you measure, view, save and share your light measurements with your mobile (iPhone, Android). Take single or continuous measurements with GPS tagging in one click. Then, let the free light meter app calculates all the essential metrics for quantifying light and connects the data to a user account via the cloud.

This simple and intuitive spectrometer is recommanded for different applications such as horticultural factory, greenhouse, city farmer, light designer, light manufacturer, museums and galleries, human centric lighting, retail, film and TV…

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  • Low & high light level measurements
  • Single or continuous measurements
  • Multiple measurements: lux, absolute irradiance…
  • Illuminance range: 1-1 000 000 000 lux
  • Optical resolution: 3 nm FWHM
  • Illuminance accuracy: ± 4% @250 lux
  • CCT accuracy: ± 2%
  • x,y accuracy: 0.005 @250 lux
  • View, save & share your results anywhere
  • Intuitive spectrometer for iPhone, Android
  • Free light meter app
  • Lighting designers & architects
  • Light manufacturers
  • Museum & galleries
  • Horticulture
  • Human centric lighting
  • Retail
  • Film & TV
Optical resolution (FWHM)3 nm
Wavelength range350 - 800 nm
Wavelength increments0.45
Illuminance range1 - 1 000 000 000 lux
x,y repeatability (2sigma)0.005 @250 lux
x,y accuracy>10 lux
Illuminance accuracy± 4% @250 lux
CCT accuracy± 2%
CRI accuracy± 1.5%
Number of pixels1024
Integration time10 µs - 10 s
Stray light0.25%
Measurement modeSingle, continuous
Absolute Irradiance SpectrumLux
CIE 1931 chromaticity (x,y)Colour Rendering Index - CRI (Ra, R1-15)
TM30 (Fidelity Index - Rf & Gamut Index - Rg)PAR
Correlated Colour Temperature - CCT (K°)Melanopic lux
Lighting designers & architectsEasily characterize light in a built
Light manufacturersTest & prove quality throughout manufacturing & sales
Museums & galleriesEnsure object safety, longevity & viewing quality
HorticultureMaximize quality and yield of produce
Human centric lightingCheck lighting parameters essential to HCL design
RetailEnsure quality & consistency of lighting for display
Film & TVEnsure lighting quality & consistency

Advantage of a spectrometer over a lux meter?

Measuring capabilities: a spectrometer can calculate any light measurement unit you are interested in (CTT, CRI…) whereas a lux meter only measure lux. To put it in another context, it is like measuring the calories of food by not knowing how much of that is made up of proteins, fats, sugars…

Accuracy: a spectrometer can measure over the entire visible range of light, and in small intervals (the resolution), the data output is far more reliable than a single measurement taken by a lux meter.

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