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Portfolio Spectrometers / Spectrometers

The next generation of miniature spectrometers

Portfolio Spectrometers summary

With 10 family models available, Ocean Insight fiber optic spectrometers address a large range of applications and industries. Ocean Insight provides also numbers of accessories including light sources.

This page presents each spectrometer model with key features, specifications and applications to help you making the right choice. Your can also contact our team for a loan, a demonstration and learn more about our expertise! IDIL Fibres Optiques is the Ocean Insight french distributor.



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    • Fluorescence, Raman
    • Absorbance of large opacity solutions
    • Fast events, Radiometry, Color
    • Laser line characterization
    • Atomic line characterization
    • Plasma, Atomic line analysis
    • General laboratory
    • LIBS
    • Flickering lighting

    OCEAN-ST: Lightweight, ultra-compact spectrometers for UV, Visible and NIR applications

    FLAME: Delivers all the benefits of miniature, modular spectroscopy — without compromise

    OCEAN-SR2: Offers high-speed spectral acquisition with advanced signal-to-noise performance

    HR4PRO: High-resolution options distinguished by low stray light performance and great thermal stability

    OCEAN-FX: High-speed electronics and onboard processing for process applications and measurements of fast events

    OCEAN-HDX: High definition optics and high throughput with powerful communication capabilities

    MAYA: Great choice for applications requiring high sensitivity, good UV-NIR response and wide dynamic range

    QEPRO: Highest sensitivity spectrometer due to its high quantum efficiency TE cooled detector

    FLAME-NIR: Versatile and affordable instrument for shortwave NIR spectroscopy

    NIRQUEST: Design for higher-sensitivity performance for your NIR application

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