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QE-Pro Spectrometer for Raman spectroscopy

/ Spectrometer systems

Scientific-grade spectrometer for Raman spectroscopy

Our QE-Pro-Raman Scientific-grade spectrometer is a preconfigured for 785 nm Raman excitation, using a 900 lines/mm grating and 50 μm slit. To complete your Raman spectrometer system, add a 785 nm Raman excitation laser, sample holder and software.

This is a very sensitive system for demanding low-light level Raman spectroscopy. The QE-Pro Raman spectrometer can achieve up to 90% quantum efficiency with high signal-to-noise and rapid signal processing speed.

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  • Quantum Efficiency to 90%
  • Rapid signal processing speed
  • Increased System Sensitivity
  • Excellent UV Response
  • Available as a complete Raman SpectraKit
  • Demanding low-light level applications
  • Low noise & low dark signals
  • No spectral distortion
  • Onboard programming
  • Plug-and-play USB operation
  • Process monitoring
  • Food & bevrage quality control
  • Agricultural measurements
  • Industry
  • Raman experiments
  • Non-destructive measurements
  • Quantifying mixtures
  • Biotechnology
  • Protein & nucleic acid analysis
  • Teaching labs
  • Polymer analysis
Dimensions182 mm x 110 mm x 47 mm
Weight1.15 kg (without power supply - 0.45 kg)
Detector typeHamamatsu scientific grade, back-thinned, TE Cooled, 1044 x 64 element CCD array
Detector range185-1100 nm
Quantum efficiency90% (peak)
Wavelength range780-1000 nm
Raman shift0-2800 cm-1
Resolution7 – 11 cm-1 over the range*
Integration time8 ms to 60 minutes
Dynamic range~85,000:1
Signal-to-noise ratioSystem: 1000:1 (single acquisition)
Stray light<0.08% at 600 nm; 0.4% at 435 nm
Buffering15,000 spectra
Fiber optic connectorSMA 905 and FC
Power requirementSupply voltage: 4.5 – 5.5 V
Strobe functionscontinuous and single strobe
InterfacesUSB 2.0, 480 Mbps (USB 1.1 compatible); RS-232 (5-wire)
Operating conditions
Operating temperature0 °C – 50 °C
Humidity≤ 90% noncondensing

* Resolution in wavenumbers varies with the wavelength being measured. It is higher close to the laser, and lower at longer Raman shifts.

Raman spectroscopy is a rapid and non-destructive measurement technique used to examine a sample. It provides information about chemical structure, phase and polymorphy; crystallinity and molecular interactions.

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