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For qualification of solar simulators

RaySphere is the ideal system for absolute irradiance measurements from 300-1700 nm. Specifically designed with the qualification of solar flashers, simulators, and filters in mind, RaySphere is small, portable, easy-to-use, and exceeds the requirements for measurement accuracy, repeatability, and wavelength range needed to classify simulators per applicable iec, JiS, and aStm standards.

  • Optically stabilized integrating sphere
  • Tec-cooled detector
  • Advanced photo-triggering electronics
  • Irradiance calibration using a niSt / ptB traceable light source
  • Measurement software
  • Carrying case
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System specifications
Spectral Range RaySphere: 350 – 1100 nm
RaySphere 1700: 300 – 1700 nm
Spectral Resolution 1.9 nm (FWhm) for 300 – 1100 nm
12.5 nm (FWhm) for 1100-1700 nm
Optical input 50 mm integrating sphere with ~2 pi collection angle
Detector types TEC stabilized Back-thinned Silicon ccD sensor
TEC stabilized inGaas sensor
Dynamic Range 25000:1 (Back-thinned Si)
15000:1 (inGaas)
Corrected linearity ≥99.8%
Minimum integration time 8 ms
Calibration Calibrated for irradiance measurement using national traceable standards (niSt, ptB, cnim)
Calibration accuracy Validated by accredited certification institute,
typical values better than 2% accuracy in 400-1100 nm wavelength range
Triggering options Built-in photo-trigger, external trigger, manual trigger
Software Custom analysis Software compatible with Windows Xp or newer (32 or 64 bit)
Communication interface USB 2.0 high-Speed
Dimensions (l x W x h in mm) 310 x 239 x 68 mm (System)
170 x 55 x 175 mm (external power supply)
Weight Approx. 7 kg
Operating Voltage 110 or 230 VAC
Operating environment Ambient temperatures 10 – 35 °c
 Photo-Trigger specifications
Jitter (Realtime) ≤ 100 ns
Jitter (Software Displayed) 164 μs
Minimum measurement time ~9 ms
Programmable trigger Delay 1040 μs – 168 ms
Trigger Delay increment 2.56 μs
Time Resolution of Display ± 41 μs


Software features

  • Intuitive graphical interface
  • Graphical and table display of classification results by wavelength bin
  • Output of actual spectra in mW/cm^2/nm
  • Output of actual measurement and triggering timing with ± 41 μs resolution
  • Status and error tracking
  • Printable classification report
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  • Solar simulator manufacturers
  • Certification institutes
  • R&D labs
  • PV module manufacturers
  • PV equipment manufacturers
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  • Displays the simulator class, full spectra data and measurement timing
  • Outstanding accuracy
  • Great repeatability
  • Small and portable
  • Easy-to-use
  • Exceeds requirements of the IEC, JIS, and ASTM standards
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