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RF Modulation spectroscopy setup

/ Spectrometer systems

Spectroscopy Setup for Pound-Drever-Hall stabilization

The RF Modulation Spectroscopy Setup is a precise prealigned, fiber coupled, spectroscopic platform. With its help it is possible to stabilize external cavity diode laser also as DFB laser systems on top of line to atomic references via fast laser modulation.

The RF Modulation Spectroscopy Setup is able to generate a locking error signal on a the top of the line of an atomic reference vapor spectrum. This error signal enables to stabilize the wavelength of the emitted laser radiation in combination with the LB2001 and LB2005 and results in a frequency stabilized narrow linewidth of tunable laser systems.

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  • Caesium Spectroscopy
  • Rubidium Spectroscopy
Vapor cells and wavelengths
Designed for different vapor cells and references wavelength from 400nm - 1650nm
Wavelength from 400nm - 1650nm
Gascell heating
Vapor cell heating (optional)
Recommended for alcali atoms with low vapor pressure (Potassium, etc.)
Precisely prealigned
Intuitive handling
Fiber coupling
FC/APC connector (optional)
Excellent signal to power performance
Detects lowest laser radiation
Selectable conversion of photodiode
Portable device
High detector bandwidth
Detector bandwidth up to 20MHz
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