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All-in-one two-photon microscope (FEMTO3D ATLAS)

/ Microscopy

The all-in-one solution for extremely high-speed 3D imaging

The FEMTO3D Atlas microscope combines high-tech science, engineering and refinement in 3D measurements and technology into an all-in-one solution. The unique properties of Atlas enables its users to scan neuronal, dendritic, or other biological processes in 3D, up to a million times faster than classical scanning methods, at a preserved two photon resolution.

All your needs in the field of multiphoton imaging can be satisfied with one single system:

  1. 3D random-access scanning
  2. High-speed arbitrary frame scanning
  3. Upgrade or individual system
  4. 3D anti-motion technology
  5. 3D photostimulation with imaging

The Femto3D Atlas can be combined with a preexisting upright microscope through its adjustable, modular frame. Therefore, it can extend existing microscopes with a fast 3D functional imaging capability. To learn more about FEMTO3D Atlas microscope, upload our brochure

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  • 3D random-access point
  • High-speed arbitrary frame
  • 3D trajectory and multiple-line
  • 3D ribbon scanning
  • 3D snake
  • 3D multi-layer
  • 3D chessboard
  • 3D multi-cube
  • In vitro and in vivo measurements
  • Neural networks
  • 3D dendritic scanning
  • Calcium imaging during behavior
  • Voltage imaging
  • Optogenetics
  • Uncaging
Speed30 kHz per point40 frame per second
Number of simultaneoulsy scanning regions2000 cells <Oblique directioned neurons and dendrites
Benefits in neuroscience3D Networks imaging in large cell populationsVolume imaging, voltage imaging
SpeedUp to 30 kHz per spineUp to 3 kHz on a 50 µm long dendritic segment
Number of simultaneoulsy scanning regionsUp to 1000 spinesUp to an 1000 µm long dendritic segment
Benefits in neuroscienceDendritic imaging without interruption and recording activity of over 150 spinesImaging of activity in over 12 spiny dendritic segments
Scanning technique3D SNAKE3D MULTI-LAYER
SpeedUp to 300 Hz on a 50 um long dendritic segmentUp to 3 kHz per 2D ROI
Number of simultaneoulsy scanning regionsUp to an 300 um long dendritic segmentUp to 300 regions
Benefits in neuroscienceDendritic imaging during large amplitude movementsImaging along the entire length of the cell
Scanning technique3D CHESSBOARD3D MULTI-CUBE
SpeedUp to 3 kHz per 2D ROIUp to 300 Hz per volume
Number of simultaneoulsy scanning regionsUp to 300 regionsUp to 300 volumes
Benefits in neuroscienceHigh speed somatic recordings, network imagingImaging of somata during large amplitude movements

FEMTO3D Atlas uses electrically tunable acousto-optic deflectors (AODs) as scanners, directing the laser beam in X, Y and Z directions. It makes the positioning speed of the focal spot equivalent in all directions, and independent of the distance.

Those deflectors do not contain mechanical components (e.g. scanning mirrors), which would slow the movement or disturb the model animal.

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