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STS Microspectrometers / Spectrometers

Amazing full-spectrum performance in a tiny footprint

STS Microspectrometers summary

The STS introduces a family of ultra-compact spectrometers, ideal for embedding into OEM devices. At just 40 mm x 42 mm x 24 mm, the STS provides full spectral analysis with low stray light, high signal to noise ratio and optical resolution of ~1.5 nm (FWHM).

The STS is an especially attractive option for high-intensity applications such as LeD characterization and absorbance/transmission measurements.

At the heart of the STS is a CMOS detector in a crossed czerny Turner optical bench. The bench is distinguished by custom-molded collimating and focusing mirrors and a 600 lines/mm groove density grating that projects spectra onto the detector.

These microspectrometers are available in UV-Vis-NIR wavelengths.

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    • Optical resolution of ∼1.5nm (FWHM)
    • Low stray light
    • High thermal stability with low baseline drift
    • Great signal-to-noise ratio (>1500:1) and dynamic range (4600:1) performance
    • Available in UV (190-650 nm), Vis (350-800 nm) and NIR (650-1100 nm) models
    • Full Spectral Analysis
    • Compact (< 50 mm²)
    • Weight: just 68 g
    • Ideal for OEM devices
    • Good performance/price ratio
    • OEM and high-volume applications
    • LED
    • Solid state lighting
    • Life sciences
    • Medical diagnostics
    • Environmental analysis
    STS spectrometers
    Models and wavelengthsUV (190 – 650 nm)Irradiance (350 - 800 nm)
    Vis (350 - 800 nm)
    NIR (650 – 1100 nm)
    Entrance slit10 um, 100 um, 200 um, 25 um, 50 um25 um, 50 um
    Dimensions40 mm x 42 mm x 24 mm40 mm x 42 mm x 24 mm
    Weight60 g60 g
    Integration time10 µs – 10 s10 µs – 10 s
    Optical resolution1.5 nm, 12nm, 3nm, 6nm for STS-Vis3.0 nm
    Dark noise<3 counts RMS<3 counts RMS
    Dynamic range4600:14600:1
    Signal to noise Ratio<1500:1 (full signal)<1500:1 (full signal)
    Stray light<0.25%<0.25%

    We offer STS models for 190-650 nm (STS-UV), 350-800 nm (STS-ViS) and 650-1100 nm (STS-Nir) applications.

    Each unit has a fixed optical bench configuration. custom configurations are available for high-volume applications. To optimize signal collection efficiency and improve reproducibility, STS utilizes a fixed-fiber design. The fiber has a 400 µm core and is 10 cm in length. The STS is fully operational in SpectraSuite spectroscopy software. operating and development software are priced separately.

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