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Ultra-compact FT-IR spectrometer (Nanoquest) / Spectrometers

Based on Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) technology, the NanoQuest spectrometer collects spectral data over a wide spectral range (1350-2500 nm)

Ultra-compact FT-IR spectrometer (Nanoquest) summary

The sensor’s patented micro-electro-mechanical systems (MEMS) technology allows for a continuous-wave Michelson interferometer to be created monolithically on a MEMS chip. This enables detection of all wavelengths simultaneously, and mitigates the effects of motion on sensor stability.

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    • Wide spectral range covering (1350-2500 nm)
    • Ultra-compact size
    • User-selectable optical resolution (8 nm or 16 nm FWHM)
    • Versatile setup options for absorbance/transmission or reflectance measurements
    • Authentification of counterfeit products (including textiles)
    • Characterization and quantification of food, soil nutrients and industrial materials
    • Composition analysis of bodily fluids and other biological specimens
    NanoQuest spectrometer (FT-IR)
    Spectral range1350 - 2500 nm
    Optical resolution8 or 16 nm FWHM
    Input fiber connectorFC/PC
    SNR>3000:1 Transmission @ 2 sec scan time, >1000:1 Reflection @ 2 sec scan time
    Power consumption750 mW (USB powered by 5V supply)
    Operating temperatureFrom -5 to +40°C
    Dimensions70 mm x 50 mm x 25 mm
    WiredUSB 2.0

    Webinar summary:

    1. FT-IR spectrometer presentation (NanoQuest)
    2. Video demonstration
    3. Q&A session
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