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High throughput spectrometer (VENTANA)

/ Spectrometers

The Ventana VIS-NIR spectrometer is optimized for low signal VIS-NIR measurements (430 to 1100 nm) like Fluorescence.

Ventana VIS-NIR is a high-performance spectrometer providing exceptional throughput and sensitivity in a small footprint. Designed to minimize light loss and maximize throughput, Ventana VIS-NIR is a cost-effective alternative to integrated benchtop systems with no compromise in performance.



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  • high NA fiber couples more light into the spectrometer
  • low f/# design allows more of the coupled light into the spectrometer
  • anti-reflection coatings and optics placed in an optimized configuration minimize light loss and provide superior image quality
  • HD Volume Phase Holographic Grating (VPH) provides maximum diffraction efficiency with low stray light maximizing the instrument’s linearity
  • back-thinned, cooled silicon detector array provides excellent quantum efficiency, low dark noise
  • low noise electronics
  • Life sciences
  • Clinical diagnostics
  • Pharmaceutical R&D and QA/QC
  • Free-space Raman analysis of powders and more
  • Life sciences
Fiber Optic InputOptimized for 600µm, NA = 0.39; SMA 905
Wavelength Range430 - 1100 nm
Resolution(FWHM)4 nm
Typical Signal to N~550:1
Dynamic Range17000:1
Thermoelectric CoolingNone
Operating Environment0 to 50 °C (non-condensing)
Spectrometer regulationsCE Mark, RoHS
Size170 mm x 110 mm x 50 mm
Weight0.9 kg
CommunicationsUSB (no external accessory connector access)
Power Input12 VDC
Operating softwareOceanView / SpectraSuite (beta only) / OmniDriver / Seabreeze
  • Ventana-VIS-NIR: high sensitivity, preconfigured for 430-1100 nm bandwidth, 50 micron slit
  • Ventana-785-Raman : High-sensitivity, preconfigured for 785 nm excitation Raman measurements
  • Ventana-785L-Raman : High-sensitivity, preconfigured for 785 nm excitation Raman measurements with integrated 785 nm laser
  • Ventana-532-Raman : High-sensitivity, preconfigured for 532 nm excitation Raman measurements
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