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Zolix Instruments France / Light sources

IDIL Fibres Optiques is the official distributor of spectroscopy solutions for Zolix Instruments in France.

Zolix Instruments France summary

Located in Beijing (China), Zolix Instruments designs and manufactures:

  • spectrographs
  • light sources
  • detectors
  • optical components
  • and optics-based solutions for the scientific research.

The strong partnership between IDIL Fibres Optiques and Zolix Instruments allow us to answer customer most challenging problems regarding their applications. Out technical strength ensures the possibility to serve the customers complete solutions.

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    • Spectrographs, light sources, detectors, optical components
    • Complete solutions (standard or taylor-made)
    • R&D, Manufacturing, training
    • 20+ years of experience
    • Worldwide delivery
    • Fluorescence/Photoluminescence
    • Raman spectroscopy
    • Absorbance, Transmittance and Reflectance
    • Emission Spectroscopy
    • Detector spectral responsivity measurement
    • Solar cell testing & characterization
    • Solar simulator
    • Photocatalysis
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