Collimating or focusing lens system

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IDIL Fibres Optiques offers a wide series of optics intended for collimating or focusing light delivered by an optical fiber.

Our company is a skilled and particularly well placed partner to provide collimating or focusing lens systems which totally meet customers‘ expectations. More generally, IDIL Fibres Optiques realizes some customized packages that enable to get a wide range of focal lengths. Thus, we provide focal lengths whose dimensions range between a few micrometers and several centimeters.

Furthermore, as IDIL Fibres Optiques adapts its products to customers’ requests it is possible to use lenses with a special anti-reflection (AR) coating. As regards connectorization, collimating or focusing lens systems developed by IDIL Fibres Optiques offer two types of inputs, namely pigtails or connectors-adapters. Beyond its ability to manufacture collimating or focusing lens systems IDIL calculates optics by using Zemax industry standard optical system design software. We propose a global solution since we master simulation, realization and characterization processes.

  • Global and variable solutions (diameter spots, working distance…)
  • Simulation, realization and characterization processes mastering
  • High quality and technical expertise
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Wavelength UV, IR, visible or custom
Anti-reflection (AR) coating 350-600 nm, 600-1050 nm, 1050-1600 nm
Packaging material Amagnetic packaging solution, stainless steel or others
Spot diameter From µm to mm range
Receptacle FC, LC, SC, SMA, ST, MU, E2000, other
Dimensions According to the spot diameter
Temperature resistance (option) Up to 300°C
Pressure High pressure possible
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  • Laser beam focalization or collimation
  • Laser – fiber coupling
  • Pigtailing
  • High power source
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Thanks to our lenses we can get spots whose diameter is adjustable according to customers’ needs. In fact, since the distance between the giving out optical fiber and the lens is tunable, both the spot diameter and the working distance can be modified. Thus, the scale of spot diameter goes from values which are less than a few micrometers to some centimeters.

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