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Fiber optics & lasers engineering services

A second look at our work


IDIL offers a high level of technical expertise and support services for its products.
If you have any questions, we can provide you with technical briefs and books, user guides, white papers and tutorial videos.


The Research & Development department of IDIL has recognized expertise within optical measurements in the fields of spectroscopy, lasers, telecommunications and optical components. IDIL has all necessary equipment, which is fully up-to-date. Please consult our “Technologies” section. Lasers of various wavelengths; radiometers; lambdameters (0.1 pm); spectrometers and light sources UV/VIS/NIR; optical spectrum analyzer; detectors (bandwidth up to 40 GHz); analogue oscilloscopes (bandwidth up to 15 GHz); reflectometers; polarization analyzer; chromatic dispersion bench (resolution up to 20 kHz); grating analyzer; welding and recoating machines; microscope with video.


Our team of engineers and technicians provide servicing for the full range of our products.


Our team of engineers and technicians provides on-site installation and training days for all of our manufactured or distributed products.

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