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IDIL has developed a range of tools and solutions for the defence sector.

Here are some examples of systems developed by IDIL that have subsequently been used in the area of defence.

The Megajoule Laser (LMJ) project is the most powerful laser in the world.


Within the framework of its partnership with the CEA, IDIL has participated in the Megajoule Laser Project (LMJ) since 1997. This huge project, whose plant is situated near Bordeaux, aims at re-creating fusion phenomenon in real conditions via laboratory experiences. IDIL first developed various systems for the prototype laser line of the LMJ, the LIL, before manufacturing the front-end definition source and the dependent GUI of the LMJ. This collaboration with the CEA team on this exciting project today allows IDIL to offer various types of front-end source.

“IDIL also developed the first industrial photonic Doppler velocimetry system for shock and detonic applications.”

The defence sector makes up a third of the company’s turnover.


This technology allows measurement of unique or multiple speeds in the range of 0 to 20 km/s with excellent temporal resolution. In addition, our dedicated processing software, based on a Fourier Transform algorithm, provides a quick visualization of speed fields. The photonic Doppler velocimetry system can be used in the fields of shock physics, plasma physics or high explosives.
IDIL was awarded the “Photon d’Argent” Prize from the French Optical Society for its photonic Doppler velocimeter in 2009. The PDV system is provided under CEA Licence.

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