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Fiber Optic Systems & Components for Science & Industry

IDIL has extensive and recognized experience in the field of fiber optics engineering.

More than 20 years of experience


IDIL, founded in 1995, is a leading company in the French optical fiber and laser technologies market, and is also involved in many international far-reaching projects.

IDIL is at the forefront of innovation through the development of wide-ranging and innovative systems and solutions for science, industry and defence.

IDIL, whose head office and research, development laboratories and production are located in 2300 m² facilities in Lannion, in the core of the French optical industry, has regularly hired new engineers and technicians in order to retain its dynamism and the 10% average annual growth in turnover.

Currently, IDIL is composed of a talented 45-person team led by its Chief Executive Officer, Patrice Le Boudec.

IDIL has extensive and recognized experience in the field of fiber optics engineering


IDIL specialises in the design, development, manufacture and distribution of fiber systems intended for use in the science, defence and industry markets, i.e. fiber optics as well as passive and active optical components, optical fiber sensors and optoelectronic systems.

IDIL is involved in prototype creations as well as small to medium mass production.

IDIL masters numerous technologies and performs all steps of the development process.

IDIL is thus able to design and to manufacture all sub-assemblies (optical, mechanical, electronic, software) in-house.

In addition to designing and creating new products, the company distributes its existing products.

The company’s global approach combined with innovative product development, means it can guarantee customers that their requests will be met, in accordance with high-quality processes.

IDIL also provides installation, training and after sales support.

The company’s team puts all its skills, experience and technical expertise in the fields of fiber optics, lasers and opto-electronics at customers’ disposal in order to meet their requirements. IDIL provides a global technical, commercial and logistic support.

Added value of IDIL is represented by the company’s ability to work to order on the one hand, and on the other hand, to manufacture and sell a wide range of innovative products which are part of its online portfolio.

Another distinctive feature of IDIL is the significant interaction between its different lines of business. The close links between the company’s various activities means a high level of cohesion, both in the core of the departments and in corporate strategy.

As a small to middle-sized business, IDIL offers custom-made services – the company’s customers and partners deal with a team ready at all times to listen.

IDIL has also been broadening its horizons by developing new markets all over the world.

IDIL has thus become a truly international company, driven by the highest standards of performance, efficiency and creativity while retaining a personal approach and maintaining close links with its customer base.

“The issue is, on the one hand, to vary the repetition rate while maintaining the synchronization and, on the other hand, to produce up to 60 micro-joules pulse.”

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