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Publication appeared in the press about IDIL

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IDIL Fibres Optiques – Scientific Poster

Fiber Optic Connectors


Ocean Optics – Brochure 2018

Innovations brochure from our partner Ocean Optics

Ocean Optics innovations brochure – PDF

Zolix – Brochure 2018

Ligth sources brochures from our partner Zolix

Omni-λ Bright Light Source – PDF
Photocatalysis Light Source – PDF

Femtonics – Brochure 2018

Microscopes brochure from our partner Femtonics

Femtonics brochure – PDF

IDIL Fibres Optiques – Brochures 2018

Press Articles

Photoniques N°3 Special EOS – May 2019

Fiber optic monitoring of active faults at the seafloor using BOTDR
The FOCUS project (Article)

Abstract “Laser reflectometry (BOTDR), commonly used for structural health monitoring (bridges, dams, etc.), will for the first time be applied to study movements of an active fault on the seafloor 25 km offshore Catania Sicily. The goal of the European funded FOCUS project (ERC Advanced Grant) is to connect a 6-km long strain cable to the EMSO seafloor observatory in 2100 m water depth. Laser observations will be calibrated by seafloor geodetic instruments and seismological stations. A long-term goal is the development of dual-use telecom cables with industry partners”

Article about FOCUS project: Fiber optic monitoring of active faults at the seafloor using BOTDR

Optics Express Vol. 24, N° 24 – November 2018

IDIL Fibres Optiques designs and manufactures phase and delay adjustment modules for the XCAN project: fiber stretchers + motorized variable optical delay lines

Coherent beam combining of seven fiber chirped-pulse amplifiers using an interferometric phase measurement (Research article)

Abstract “Coherent beam combining in tiled-aperture configuration is demonstrated on seven femtosecond fiber amplifiers using an interferometric phase measurement technique. The residual phase error between two fibers is as low as λ/55 RMS and a combination efficiency of 48% has been achieved. The combined pulses are compressed to 216 fs, delivering 71 W average power at a repetition rate of 55 MHz. Operating the laser system in a nonlinear regime with an estimated B-integral of 5 rad yields a combining efficiency of 45% with the same phase stability. These results pave the way to very large high-power and high energy coherent beam combining systems”

Research article about the XCAN (Coherent Amplification Network) project between the Ecole Polytechnique and Thales- PDF English

Photoniques N°93 – September / October 2018

Buy a miniature spectrometer (Article)

Abstract “A l’image de la photonique, identifiée comme l’une des technologies clés du 21e siècle par l’UE, les mini-spectromètres apparaissent comme une technologie diffusante que vous pouvez retrouver à tout niveau de la chaîne de valeur, et dans des domaines applicatifs très nombreux…”

Photoniques article about How to buy a mini spectrometer? – PDF French

Photoniques N°88 – September / October 2017

IDIL Fibres Optiques testimonial (Article)

Abstract “Les innovations nées de la photonique sont présentes partout dans notre vie quotidienne, dans les laboratoires de recherche, et sur les chaînes de production ou de contrôle des industriels. Certaines innovations débouchent sur une activité économique, et deviennent un moteur de création et de développement des entreprises…”

Photoniques article about IDIL Fibres Optiques – PDF French


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