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IDIL provides a whole series of solutions intended for use in industrial applications.

Here are some examples of solutions developed by IDIL that were subsequently used in industrial projects:

Optical sensors

IDIL offers a wide range of optical sensors, dedicated to monitoring of temperature, strain, vibration and several chemical phenomena. IDIL designs optical sensors by using a wide range of technologies such as Fibre Bragg Gratings technology (FBG) and offers customers a specific package according to the intended application.

IFSTTAR is an associate member of University of Paris-Est and University Lille Nord de France.


IDIL has been involved in a cross-disciplinary collaborative project, called DECID2. This project, coordinated by IFSTTAR (the French institute of science and technology for transport, development and networks), was initiated by EMC2 and Novabuild clusters in order to build a smart civil engineering structure that will be used as a demonstrator.
As a project partner, IDIL provided expertise related to the management of fibres dealing with the output of composite materials. The objective was to insert optical fibers and specific connectors, developed by IDIL, in a composite bridge.

Within this project, IDIL provided expertise within optical sensors supply and measurement.


In 2008, IDIL provided optical sensors and provided measurement operations for ANDRA (the National Radioactive Waste Management Agency). ANDRA needed to investigate different solutions in order to monitor a French site where radioactive waste would be stored at the surface.
IDIL placed both its own sensors and some sensors provided by other companies on the metal structure of the building, which was to be used to store short-lived radioactive waste, in order to observe the performance of those sensors

IDIL supplies a series of systems and solutions for various applications in the field of spectroscopy.

The industry market represents a quarter of the company’s turnover.

Monitoring Laser Deposition processes

The industrial components used in aviation engines, ships, commercial vehicles, offshore drilling and tool and mould construction see a tremendous amount of wear and tear in their lifetimes. Critical components are expected to last, despite extreme operating conditions and regular mechanical abrasion. Laser Metal Deposition (LMD) is gaining ground as a method to extend the life of these parts through specialised coatings and repair, thereby saving money, reducing maintenance and improving safety.

IDIL Fibres Optiques Optical Emission spectrometer provides the data needed to provide real-time feedback to LMD systems, optimizing the coating process and quality.

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