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TLS wavelength tunable monochromatic light source

The Tunable Light Source (TLS) are pre-aligned, preassembled illumination systems capable of outputting monochromatic light from 200-2500 nm. This is a complete plug and play system and includes TLS-C1 software.

TLS is composed of Zolix light source and spectrometer. It is very convenient for the users who want the flexibility of a modular design and the simplicity of an integrated system.

  • Good light source stability, better than 0.5%
  • High integration, system integrated in the optical plate, it is easy to transport and protect the stability of optical path
  • Light path is optimized to achieve maximum light output efficiency
  • The output bandwidth can be adjusted continuously, 0.1-30nm
  • Software can control any wavelength adjustment and the time delay
  • USB2.0
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 TLS1509-X150  TLS3009-X150
 Monochromator  Omni-1509  Omni-3009
 Spectral range  (nm, recommendation)  250-1500  250-2400
 Output bandwidth (nm, recommendation)  2∼10  1∼5
 Output bandwidth adjustable range (nm)  0.5-30  0.2-15
 Grating 1#  1200g/mm@300nm  1200g/nm@500nm
 Grating 2#  600g/mm@750nm  600g/mm@750nm
 Grating 3#  –  600g/mm@750nm
 Filter range (nm)  200∼1500  200∼3000
 Light source  Xenon lamp
 Power (W)  150
 Output light source stability  Better than 0.5%
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  • PEC Photochemistry Measurement System
  • Transmission / Absoption / Reflection Measurement System
  • Solar Cell Quantum Efficiency Measurement System
  • The fluorescence Spectrum Measurement (as excitation light)


  • Surface Photovoltage Test
  • Detector Spectral Responsivity Measurement System
  • Optical Lens Spectral Transmittance Measurement System
  • Eye Protection Products Measurement System
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TLS-C1 tunable monochromatic light source controlling software

Software function:

  • Wavelength selection
  • Gratings switch
  • Filters control
  • Shutter control
  • Scanning parameters setting, start wavelength, termination wavelength, step intervals, delay time, etc.
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