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Audio and video fiber optic transmission / Education systems

This educational kit for audio and video fiber transmission is an extension of the Fiber Optic Telecommunication Training Kit.

Audio and video fiber optic transmission summary

It allows the study of the principle of analogical and numeric signal transmission, wavelength multiplexing, pulse width modulation (PWM) …
It is composed by the following features:

  • An emission module
  • A reception module
  • A set of patch cords
  • A movie camera with an embedded microphone – a pair of loudspeakers

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for more informations

    • Comprehensive teaching & training manual
    • Rack mounted components
    • Eye safe connectors
    • Competitive pricing
    • Study of the bandpass of optical and electronic transmission systems
    • Comparison of numeric and analogical transmission
    • Wavelength multiplexing and demultiplexing
    • Study of the demultiplexing influence on the output signal quality
    • Study of the frequency carrier influence on the PWM modulation
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