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Bi directional amplifier /

IDIL Fibres Optiques developed a range of products intended for metrological laboratories because of their need for signal dissemination through a network with traffic.

Bi directional amplifier summary

These special equipments were developed within a partnership between IDIL Fibres Optiques, SYRTE (Time-Space Reference Systems laboratory, Paris) and LPL (Lasers Physics Laboratory, Paris) laboratories. Thus, we provide a whole of three products, namely a bi-directional amplifier, the corresponding monitoring software and an add / drop module. Bi-directional amplifier: The Erbium doped fiber amplifier supplied by IDIL Fibres Optiques was designed to provide an average gain as regards low power input signals in both directions. The gain is equal whatever the direction is.

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    Single and dual amplifiers
    DimensionsSamed dimensions
    Operating wavelengthIn the Erbium band. 1542 nm (typical)
    Electrical power supply- 48 vdc (typical); custom
    Input power- 40 dBm
    Input and output fibersSMF 9/125
    Connectors for optical outputFC / APC (typical); custom
    Remote controlAccording to the means: USB port; GSM network; Ethernet connection
    Specifications Add/Drop module-
    Rack width19 inches or 21 inches with side ears
    Rack height3 U
    Rack depth265 mm

    IDIL Fibres optiques offers single and dual amplifiers. Our products allow amplification in the C- or L- Band. A local control via USB port is available as well as a remote control by GSM network or Ethernet connection. The amplifier supervision from USB port enables to check power measurements as well as pump power and then to adjust parameters of the amplifier. The bi-directional amplifier has low power consumption since it is only 15 watts high when the dual amplifier is functioning and the half when it is the single one.

    Monitoring software: Monitoring software permits to control parameters of all installed amplifiers. In fact, inputs and outputs of each side of amplifiers can be monitored. It is also possible to visualize and adjust power and current pump parameters. In addition, our software enables to monitor gain and temperature of amplifiers.

    Amplifier related product: Add / Drop module: The add / drop module supplied by IDIL Fibres Optiques is put in a 3 U height and 19 inches width rack and is available for each ITU channel. It is also possible to add side ears to mount the rack in a 21 inches closet. It enables to work on an exploitation network.

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