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Calibrated Deuterium and Tungsten Halogen light sources

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These light sources are radiometrically calibrated. They are used to calibrate the absolute spectral response of a spectrometer system

These stable calibrated light sources used with our software provide consistent absolute intensity values across UV, Visible and NIR wavelengths.

They are calibrated to deliver a known quantity of light with very low uncertainty.

The digital calibration data can be loaded into the software for absolute intensity data.

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  • Very stable calibrated light sources
  • For UV-Visible-NIR wavelengths
  • For Visible-NIR wavelengths
  • Irradiance
  • LEDs
  • Digital displays
  • Radiant sources
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Nominal bulb power25 W (Deuterium), 20 W (Tungsten Halogen), 5 W
SourceDeuterium & Tungsten Halogen, Tungsten Halogen
Wavelength range210 nm – 1.1 µm
Calibrated forAbsolute irradiance (µW/cm2/nm)
Calibration lifetime50 h
Drift (Voltage)<0.01% per hour, <0.3% per hour
Minimum uncertainty level3%, 3,7% at 700nm, 4% at 700nm, 7%
Stability (Current)<5 x 10-6 peak-to-peak (0.1-10 Hz), 0.5% peak-to-peak
Warm-up time15 min, 40 min (Deuterium), 40 min (Tungsten Halogen)
Fiber connectorSMA 905; CC-3, integrating sphere
Power requirements85-264 V, 50/60 Hz
Operating temperature5°C – 35°C
Dimensions14 x 6 x 6 cm, 15 x 13.5 x 28.5 cm
Weight0.5 kg, 6 kg

Subject to change depending on model type

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