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Calibrated Deuterium and Tungsten Halogen light sources / Light sources

These light sources are radiometrically calibrated. They are used to calibrate the absolute spectral response of a spectrometer system

Calibrated Deuterium and Tungsten Halogen light sources summary

These stable calibrated light sources used with our software provide consistent absolute intensity values across UV, Visible and NIR wavelengths.

They are calibrated to deliver a known quantity of light with very low uncertainty.

The digital calibration data can be loaded into the software for absolute intensity data.

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    • Very stable calibrated light sources
    • For UV-Visible-NIR wavelengths
    • For Visible-NIR wavelengths
    • Irradiance
    • LEDs
    • Digital displays
    • Radiant sources
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    Nominal bulb power25 W (Deuterium), 20 W (Tungsten Halogen), 5 W
    SourceDeuterium & Tungsten Halogen, Tungsten Halogen
    Wavelength range210 nm – 1.1 µm
    Calibrated forAbsolute irradiance (µW/cm2/nm)
    Calibration lifetime50 h
    Drift (Voltage)<0.01% per hour, <0.3% per hour
    Minimum uncertainty level3%, 3,7% at 700nm, 4% at 700nm, 7%
    Stability (Current)<5 x 10-6 peak-to-peak (0.1-10 Hz), 0.5% peak-to-peak
    Warm-up time15 min, 40 min (Deuterium), 40 min (Tungsten Halogen)
    Fiber connectorSMA 905; CC-3, integrating sphere
    Power requirements85-264 V, 50/60 Hz
    Operating temperature5°C – 35°C
    Dimensions14 x 6 x 6 cm, 15 x 13.5 x 28.5 cm
    Weight0.5 kg, 6 kg

    Subject to change depending on model type

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