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Complete industrial FBG interrogator / Sensors systems

The FBGuard 1550 FAST is the first industrial grade FBG interrogation unit for high accuracy static and dynamic measurements of Fiber Bragg Grating (FBG) sensors that can be used for a broad field of applications.

Complete industrial FBG interrogator summary

FBG Interrogator : The device covers a wide range of wavelength range and provides simultaneous measurements at very fast response rates and excellent wavelength resolution. The system can measure up to 8 optical channels with 40 FBG sensors per channel.

Furthermore, IDIL can provide specific sensor types (strain, temperature, displacement, vibration, acceleration, inclination, pressure, load) covering all applications. This offer a compact, field-proven and cost-effective solution for industrial measurements.

The system is supplied with an analysis and configuration software.

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    • Up to 8 parallel optical channels
    • Max scan frequency (up to 11 kHz)
    • 40 FBG sensors per channel
    • Static & dynamic measurements
    • Compact & robust design for 24/7 operation
    • Excellent wavelength precision
    • Civil structure
    • Transportation
    • Energy
    • Security
    • Aerospace
    • Marine vessels
    Wavelength range *1510 - 1590 nm
    Number of channels1,2,4 or 8
    Wavelength resolution< 1 pm
    Wavelength repeatability±5 pm
    Absolute wavelength accuracy (EOL)±30 pm
    Scan frequencyUp to 11 kHz for single channel
    Up to 1 kHz for two channels
    Up to 500 Hz for four channels
    Up to 250 Hz for eight channels
    Up to 125 Hz for sixteen channels
    Dynamic range30 dB
    Optical connector **FC/APC
    Durability of optical switch< 10¹¹ cycles
    Power supply12 V (adaptator to 230 V included)
    Power consumption< 50 V
    Operating temperature0°C to 40°C
    Operating humidity< 80%, non-condensing
    Dimensions482 x 415 x 140 mm³ (3U, 19 rack)
    Weigth7.5 kg
    ProcessorIntel Core 13
    Memory4 GB
    Hard disk120 GB SSD Disk (no moving parts)
    Communication protocolTCP/IP (MODBUS available on request)
    InterfaceEthernet, USB 3.0 host port, 1x VGA
    4x alarm relays RS-485 available on request
    RS-232 available on request
    External triggerTTL, 2CH
    Remote ControlFull control
    ManufacturerSafibra s.r.o (cz)
    SoftwareFBGuard Configuration Interface

    *depending on light source ** be customized

    How it works

    The interrogator contains a broadband light source and performs spectral analysis by means of a linear array detector and a spectrometer platform. The input channel which should be monitored can be selected through an optical switch which is integrated in the unit. The interrogator has an Ethernet interface, which allow remote control from any standard PC through the TCP/IP protocol. the configuration of alarms, frequency of measurements, data logging on an integrated SSD or others is possible by SSH.

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