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Connectors for PM, PZ, PCF fibers / Connectors & Terminations

Optimal control of the signal’s polarization state

Connectors for PM, PZ, PCF fibers summary

IDIL Fibres Optiques supplies high quality connectorization services to Polarization Maintaining fibers (PM), Polarized fibers (PZ) and Photonic-Crystal fibers (PCF).

We offer high quality alignment of the PM axis across a connection.

IDIL’s cables and pigtails assemblies are available in both PC and APC finishes in various connector styles. All our production is 100% tested to guarantee low insertion loss, high return loss and high PER.

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    • Precise fiber alignment
    • High Polarization Extinction Ratios (PER)
    • Low insertion losses
    • Higher return losses
    • Fiber optic gyroscope
    • Sensors
    • All-fiber polarizer
    • Quantum optics, cold atoms
    • Lasers and amplifiers
    • Faster telecommunication networks
    • Coherent communication
    • Metrology
    • Biomedical
    • Spectroscopy
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