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Connectors for PM, PZ, PCF fibers

/ Connectors & Terminations

Optimal control of the signal’s polarization state

IDIL Fibres Optiques supplies high quality connectorization services to Polarization Maintaining fibers (PM), Polarized fibers (PZ) and Photonic-Crystal fibers (PCF).

We offer high quality alignment of the PM axis across a connection.

IDIL’s cables and pigtails assemblies are available in both PC and APC finishes in various connector styles. All our production is 100% tested to guarantee low insertion loss, high return loss and high PER.

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  • Precise fiber alignment
  • High Polarization Extinction Ratios (PER)
  • Low insertion losses
  • Higher return losses
  • Fiber optic gyroscope
  • Sensors
  • All-fiber polarizer
  • Quantum optics, cold atoms
  • Lasers and amplifiers
  • Faster telecommunication networks
  • Coherent communication
  • Metrology
  • Biomedical
  • Spectroscopy
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