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External cavity tunable diode laser (Micron Laser) / Laser diodes

Ultra-stable and micro-tunable, our external cavity diode laser (ECDL) covers the wavelength range from 633 nm to 1908 nm

External cavity tunable diode laser (Micron Laser) summary

External-cavity micro-tunable diode laser is used in applications which require an ultra-stable laser with an excellent tuning behavior. Indeed, our tunable diode laser perfectly matches applications such as spectroscopy (absorption, MIR, fluorescence, Raman), metrology (seeder laser), industrial application (optical process control) or biological research. ECDLs are also used in the field of high-power lasers.

Micro-tunable X-cavity diode lasers are developed with an antireflection (AR) coating. They are then placed in an external cavity containing an optical element for selecting the wavelength. The micro-tunable diode provides high speed wavelength tuning superior than 10 kHz and a narrow linewidth < 100 kHz @ 1 ms.

IDIL Fibres Optiques is the French distributor and system integrator for Sacher Lasertechnik. Do not hesitate to contact us to get more information and discuss custom laser development.

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    • Ultra stable diode laser
    • Micro tunable x-cavity
    • Wavelength : from 633 nm to 1908 nm
    • Power : up to 250 mW
    • High power : up to 500 mW (new ref. S1-0780-500)
    • Narrow linewidth
    • No moving parts
    • Mode-hop free tuning
    • Free space collimated laser beam
    • high speed wavelength tuning superior than 10 kHz
    • Absorption spectroscopy
    • MIR spectroscopy
    • Fluorescence spectroscopy
    • Raman spectroscopy
    • Front end laser in the field of metrology
    • Industrial process control
    • Medical research
    • Biological research
    • Optical cooling and trapping
    • Bose-Einstein condensation
    ECDL - references
    S1-0633-030633 nm30 mW> 0.2 nm
    S1-0638-030638 nm30 mW> 0.2 nm
    S1-0671-030671 nm30 mW> 0.2 nm
    S1-0674-030674 nm30 mW> 0.2 nm
    S1-0679-030679 nm30 mW> 0.2 nm
    S1-0689-030689 nm30 mW> 0.2 nm
    S1-0698-030698 nm30 mW> 0.2 nm
    S1-0707-030707 nm30 mW> 0.2 nm
    S1-0729-030729 nm30 mW> 0.2 nm
    S1-0760-040760 nm40 mW> 0.2 nm
    S1-0767-030767 nm30 mW> 0.2 nm
    S1-0767-100767 nm100 mW > 0.2 nm
    S1-0770-100770 nm100 mW > 0.2 nm
    S1-0780-100780 nm100 mW > 0.2 nm
    S1-0780-300780 nm250 mW> 0.2 nm
    S1-0780-500780 nm> 300 mW> 0.2 nm
    S1-0785-100785 nm100 mW> 0.2 nm
    S1-0785-300785 nm250 mW> 0.2 nm
    S1-0795-100795 nm100 mW> 0.2 nm
    S1-0830-100830 nm100 mW> 0.2 nm
    S1-0843-100843 nm100 mW> 0.2 nm
    S1-0845-100845 nm100 mW> 0.2 nm
    S1-0852-100852 nm100 mW> 0.2 nm
    S1-0866-100866 nm100 mW> 0.2 nm
    S1-0895-100895 nm100 mW> 0.2 nm
    S1-0995-030995 nm30 mW> 0.2 nm
    S1-0995-060995 nm60 mW> 0.2 nm
    S1-1064-1001064 nm100 mW> 0.2 nm
    S1-1397-0501397 nm50 mW> 0.2 nm
    S1-1908-0201908 nm20 mW> 0.2 nm

    Packaging : TO399, BFY


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