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Fiber optic coil winding / Bundles & Fiber assemblies

IDIL Fibres Optiques proposes its customers to coil fibers in-house.

Fiber optic coil winding summary

Our know-how regarding fiber optic coil winding enables us to work in accordance with customers’ requirements. We provide optical fibers and then put them on the most appropriate stands whatever the material they are made of is (copper, aluminium, plastic…). We can also work without stand and realize optical fibers crowns.

Otherwise, a wide range of optical fibers types (single-mode, multi-mode, PM, from UV to IR) and dimensions are available, as well as coating materials (polymer, polyimide). Furthermore, IDIL Fibres Optiques is able to coil optical fiber while adjusting its tension from 20 g to 2 kg. We can create several tensions on the same stand and with the same optical fiber as well.

Finally, we are at your disposal in order to meet your expectations and to solve your problems as regards fiber optic coil winding, size and components integration among others.

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    • All types of optical fibers
    • Length: up to 50 km
    • With or without stand (copper, aluminium, plastic)
    • Adjustable fiber tension
    • Customizable (fiber end connection, etc.)
    • Optical sensors
    • Delay lines
    • Optical measurements & tests
    • Fiber optic launch cables
    Fiber core diameterFrom 50 mm to 500 mm
    Fiber external diameterFrom 80 µm to 600 µm
    Fiber lengthUp to 50 km
    Fiber widthFrom 5 mm to 500 mm
    Fiber tensionFrom 20 g to 2 kg
    Coating materialPolymer, polyimide, others
    Spool standCopper, aluminium, plastic, others

    Our automatic winding machine ensures the production of high quality fiber coils. Among its capabilities: fiber axis orientation adjustment and tension regulation.

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